Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crazy Ludwig, a meme

In which we get unusually pop-culturey in order to shed a little human light on this musical Olympian (and to have a little laugh.)


  1. Hey Vertucci,

    I blame YOU for the fact that I watched and liked a Lady Gaga music video, and now this. I just spent a few minutes over at quickmeme snickering at Advice God. You're corrupting me!

  2. Say it is not so! I subverted the intent of this whole blogging endeavor in two swift strokes, one by means of Beethoven himself! I accept this onus and will work toward something sufficiently edifying.

    (And thanks so much for reading! Sorry it's corrupting you. A sinister presence is afoot setting its will against me and giving speed to the forces of philistinism.)

  3. Am I a bad person because I spent way too much time at quickmeme and laughed a lot?

  4. Hah, Tom, not at all! I have to say I think more than a few are very clever and I got sidetracked for a while with "Humanities Professor" and Joseph Ducreux.