Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Unexpected Fugue

With a hat tip to Jeffrey Tucker at Chant Café for video no. 1, I point to the videos below and observe that
  1. You can turn a slight, even silly, theme into something interesting or at least entertaining when you actually develop it. (Video 1) Indeed, without a glitzy video to accompany it, actual musical development is required.
  2. A pop theme sounds far more natural, somehow more "human-friendly," when played on traditional, non-synthesized instruments. (Video 2)
  3. Theory can be entertaining as well as informative. (Video 3)


  1. I don't know the original "ouvre," so I probably don't fully appreciate this but I love it. There was a great record called "The Baroque Beatles Book" in which they performed Beatles tunes on period instruments and worked in well known themes by Bach and Handel. The back of the album was a letter parodying Bach's obsequious letter to the Margrave. It's worth hearing if you can find it.

    I've been travelling which is why I've been quiet lately.

  2. Hi Tom, sorry for the delay! Thanks for the recommendation; I was able to have a listen and enjoyed it very much. As with the above it really is interesting to see how different instrumentation, style, or musical development can reveal a different side of a theme. As a lover of classical instruments I must say I find the pieces more attractive and affecting.

    I'm going to track down more of the Baroque Beatles and pull out Switched-On Bach. Maybe another series is around the corner.

    Thanks again and I hope you're enjoying your travels!

    (And oh! that letter. Hah!)

  3. [I don't know where my comment from the other day went; Blogger seems to be having some difficulties.]

    I managed to hear some of the Baroque Beatles; thanks for the recommendation, I liked it a lot. I'm always, perhaps inordinately, struck by how changes of instrumentation affect the character of a theme or piece. Again, I usually consider classical instrumentation an improvement.

    I think I'll pull out Switched On Bach and give it another listen. Perhaps another series is in order.

    Thanks again; I hope you're enjoying your travels!