Sunday, April 3, 2011

Around the Web

For February 26 through April 3.

1) Thomas Merton and Confucianism

2) On Not Being Young

3) Chant For Children 8-11

4) On Teachers and Others

5) Condemned to Joy

6) The Power of Lonely

7) Dancing the Body Electric

8) On the Doorstep of Valhalla

9) Who Killed the Queen of Film Noir?

10) Inflation and the Value of Gold Explained

11) Embracing Morals in Economics: The Role of Internal Moral Constraints in a Market Economy

12) The 12 Worst Colleges for Free Speech

13) Why Catholics Don't Have to Be Democrats

14) The Intellectual as Courtier

15) The Lost Art of Total Recall

16) The Birth of Possibility

17) Titas wuz here

18) The Value of Unaccompanied Vernacular Chant in the Liturgy [PDF]

19) The Numbers War Between the States

20) Refighting the Battle of Gettysburg

21) Natural History of the Soul

22) Interview: Frank Gehry

23) The Tyrannies Are Doomed

24) Celebrating the Art of Italy

25) A Magical "Flute" Without the Fanfare


29) Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin 

31) Schools for Misrule by Walter Olson 

32) The Use and Abuse of Literature by Marjorie Garber

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