Friday, March 19, 2010

Around the Web

For the week of Saturday, March 13 through Friday, March 19.

1) David Harsanyi in the Denver Post asks, "Does the process matter?"
President Barack Obama believes citizens are indifferent to "procedural" spats.
Actually, in the case of health care legislation, the ugly substance of the legislation creates the ugly process. The two issues are inseparable. The process is corrupted as the advocates have no other path for passage.

Sometimes process is vital in protecting the American people from the abuses of majoritarians and crusading tyrants. Other times, it is used by those very people to circumvent pesky constitutional restrictions.
2)  At, "Reason Saves Cleveland Part II: Fix the Schools."

3) At The Volokh Conspiracy, Ilya Somin asks, "Is Hayek Still Relevant?"

4) In the WSJ, Terry Teachout on Benny Goodman, Jerome Robbins, Benjamin Britten and Other "Unsure Artists"

5) In Science News, Tom Siegfried on "the shortcomings of statistics."

6) In the WSJ, Robyn Eckhardt interviews Malaysian architect Kenneth Yeang and discusses sustainable skyscrapers. (He also answers a few questions about himself, revealing a bit of his personal philosophy.)

7) In City Journal, Adam D. Thierer reviews "You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto" by Jaron Lanier.

8-9) Reviews from
  1. Richard Draubner on Wagner's Rienzei and Die Meistersinger. (Deutsche Oper Berlin)
  2. Agnes Cory on a Michelangelo themed recital by bass Sir John Tomlinson and pianist David Owen Norris.

    10) At Musica Sacra, "Liturgy and the Words We Use" by William Mahrt.

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