Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Christmas Edition for the week of Saturday, December 19 through Friday, December 25.

1-4) In The WSJ:
5) In City Journal Stefan Kanfer reviews "Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong" by Terry Teachout.
. . .the noise of axes grinding could never drown out the immortal sound of Louis Armstrong’s music. To Teachout, that constitutes a “sunlit, hopeful art, brought into being by the labor of a lifetime.” Second the emotion.
6) In City Journal, Guy Sorman reviews "Last Exit to Utopia: The Survival of Socialism in a Post-Soviet Era" by Jean-Francois Revel.

7) "A Tale of Two Libertarianisms" by Brian Doherty at Reason.
. . . as Rothbard makes abundantly clear here, very important differences exist between the fallibilistic, utilitarian, small-government thinking of Hayek (and Friedman, and to a great degree Mises) and the rights-based anarchism of Rothbard and many of his followers, both of which coexist uneasily under the label libertarian.
8) "Impermissible Ratemaking in Health-Insurance Reform: Why the Reid Bill is Unconstitutional" by Richard A. Epstein at Point of Law.

9) At Reason, Jacob Sullum on "the folly of a 'right to health care.'"
While liberty rights such as freedom of speech or freedom of contract require others to refrain from acting in certain ways, “welfare rights” such as the purported entitlement to health care (or to food, clothing, or shelter) require others to perform certain actions. They represent a legally enforceable claim on other people’s resources.
10) Michael Ramirez on "healthcare reform":

12-13) At Big Hollywood:

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